Introducing Hydrozid cryogenic spray. Efficacy with modern-day convenience.

Condyloma/Genital Warts

Ever since records began in the early 1970’s, there has been a steady increase in cases of genital warts. They are now the most common STI in the UK, with the highest rates found in women aged 16 to 19, and in men aged 20 to 24.

Currently, the UK records around 150,000 new and recurrent cases per year. This not only has a big impact on your workload, but also comes with a high cost burden.1 What’s more, the size of the problem is exacerbated as repeated visits are often necessary and recurrence is common.

Genital warts are the clinical visible manifestation of the human papilloma virus (HPV), of which 90% are types 6 and 11. While they may not have a serious clinical effect, the emotional and psychological effect of discovering genital warts should not be underestimated.

Patients are often shocked by their discovery and want them gone as quickly as possible. Cryotherapy has an important part to play in the treatment of genital warts, often in combination with a range of other therapies – depending on the extent and severity of the warts.

The limitations of traditional cryotherapy systems

While cryotherapy may be a routine procedure, the issues arising from using liquid nitrogen- or CO2-based systems make it far from straightforward. For example, there are Health and Safety issues to be considered when storing and handling liquid nitrogen; CO2-based cryotherapy machines are cumbersome to operate and require meticulous servicing.

Introducing Hydrozid. Efficacy with modern-day convenience

Designed in Denmark, Hydrozid is a CE-marked cryotherapy that achieves the same level of efficacy as the traditional systems – but without any of the inconvenience of storing hazardous materials or using bulky equipment.

New Hydrozid comes in a user-friendly aerosol containing 250ml of the liquefied gas norflurane. The compact system makes it convenient to use in any size of clinic and the norflurane gas is 100% safe.

What’s more, each aerosol comes with its own handy plastic template with a range of six apertures. Simply select the correct aperture for the lesion and spray. The norflurane gas will quickly and effectively freeze the lesion, while the template will protect the surrounding healthy tissue from damage.

Where several repeated freeze-thaw cycles are recommended, the template ensures that only the treatment area is ever exposed, so minimising discomfort for the patient.

Experience the convenience of Hydrozid for yourself

To request a demonstration and receive a 100ml sample of Hydrozid, simply email We are sure you will soon see the difference new Hydrozid can make to you and your clinic when treating your GUM patients.

1.Lanitis T, Carroll S, O Mahony C, Charman F, Khalid JM, Griffiths V, et al. The cost of managing genital warts in the UK. Int J STD AIDS 2012;23:189-94.

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