What is Hydrozid?

Hydrozid is Danish designed, CE marked cryotherapy for warts and other skin lesions.

Hydrozid combines the effectiveness of traditional cryotherapy with a modern aerosol technique. The result is a simple and user-friendly treatment method.

Hydrozid contains 100% norflurane. Norflurane has also been used as propellant in several inhalers (including Flixotide and AeroBec) for decades.

What is the melting point of Hydrozid?

The melting point of norflurane is –103.3°C.

How do you treat with Hydrozid?

Hydrozid is applied directly to a lesion from the canister. Hydrozid should be applied from a distance of 2 to 3 cm and for 2 to 6 seconds, depending upon the type and location of the lesion. Several repeated freeze-thaw cycles – up to 6

The total duration of applications to the lesion must be kept within the recommended maximum total (please see the labelling on the canister).

Gentle pressure on the spray-head gives a fine, narrow jet. Greater pressure produces a more powerful spray.

To avoid damaging surrounding tissues use one of the application templates provided. Carefully select the hole in the template which matches the size of the lesion and adjust the spray jet by varying the pressure on the spray head.

Why are repeated freeze-thaw cycles (6 short freeze-thaw cycles) recommended rather than one long exposure?
There are no published data regarding optimal treatment in cryotherapy of skin lesions. Studies of cryotherapy in other therapeutic areas, however, have shown that repeated freeze-thaw cycles increase the effect, as the extent of tissue necrosis increases1

1. Kaouk et al; Cryotherapy: Clinical end points and their experimental foundations; UROLOGY 68 (Supplement 1A), July 2006.

What is the price of Hydrozid?

For up to date pricing please visit www.dunelmpharma.com

Where can I order Hydrozid?

Hydrozid can be ordered online at www.dunelmpharma.com. Further information is available from Dunelm directly by email using question@dunelmpharma.com . Hydrozid CAN NOT be purchased at the pharmacy.

What is the cost of freight?

Shipping is free of charge on order values greater than €400/£300 (Exc. VAT).

How to dispose of Hydrozid?

Hydrozid is chlorine-free, non-flammable and can be discarded in normal household waste.

What are the benefits of Hydrozid?

The benefits are that:

  • Hydrozid is a simple and user-friendly cryotherapy for warts and other skin lesions
  • Hydrozid combines the effectiveness of traditional cryotherapy with a modern aerosol technique
  • Hydrozid contains the same propellant used in several asthma inhalers
  • Hydrozid requires no replenishment and has minimal losses due to evaporation
  • Hydrozid requires no special storage conditions
  • Hydrozid is delivered within 1-4 business days
  • Canisters are portable and have a 3 year shelf life

How many treatments are there in a Hydrozid 250ml canister?

Gentle pressure on the spray head produces a fine and easily manageable spray – there are about 33 minutes of spraying time per canister. With the longest recommended treatment time of 36 seconds this is equivalent to treating up to 55 lesions.