Choose Hydrozid as it offers the benefits of cryotherapy with added precision and without burdens and risks associated with liquid nitrogen


Mersanta Pharma exclusively co-promotes Hydrozid in the UK and Ireland with Dunelm Pharmaceuticals

What is Hydrozid?

  • Hydrozid is a Danish designed, CE marked cryotherapy for warts and other skin lesions
  • Hydrozid combines the effectiveness of traditional cryotherapy with a modern aerosol technique. The result is a simple and user- friendly treatment method
  • Hydrozid contains 250 ml of the liquefied gas norflurane. Norflurane is non-flammable and is used as propellant in many asthma inhalers

Hydrozid is effective, precise and convenient

  • Cryotherapy is a valued part of the armamentarium for GUM, Dermatology, Podiatry and beyond
  • Portability and precision represent an unmet need
  • Hydrozid offers efficacy, precision and portability
  • Hydrozid can cost as little as £1.47 per treatment
  • Mersanta Pharma and Dunelm Pharmaceuticals offer excellent training, customer service and continuation of supply